Motion nr:225
Rubrik: Reduce CO2 emissions for children undertaking sport
Ämnesområde: Livsstil
Inskickad: 2018-03-01
Motionär:Janine OKeeffe (*
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Föreslagna åtgärder:
-support research and development of children's sports bags so that they can take public transport to training and matchs.
-support clubs with the cost of the bags for clubs who use public transport for children who play sport.

'“A huge amount of Norwegian kids are doing sports, so we have very broad recruiting base, and our top sports programs and our kids are very closely connected in our system,” Ovrebo said. “They can compete, but we don’t make like No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 before they’re in their 13th year. We think it’s better to be a child in this way because then they can concentrate on having fun and be with their friends and develop.'

Motiv och bakgrund:
Sport is coupled to mental health, democratic and social behaviours. Children who participate in sports maintain into adulthood are far more likely to have sucessful and contribute to society. This is all well known and documented.
The problem facing us is how to lift local sport participation, while reducing CO2. A simple idea is to make luggage options work with public transport for children. Most kids like to be independent from their parents and showing that independence with their sport is a great step. But the gear involved inhibits this and increases the likelihood of car being used. Therefore we need the government to work with a few companies to make this happen. And enable kids to establish a long, strong and lasting relationship with their sport.
The sport bags will need larger wheels and special development to ensure that children can get on and off trains and buses.