Motion nr:227
Rubrik: Sweden Sing for the Climate
Ämnesområde: Livsstil
Inskickad: 2018-03-01
Motionär:Janine OKeeffe, Samuel Jarrick (*
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Föreslagna åtgärder:
-att spela in en svensk/engelsk version av klimatsången Sing for the Climate, med skolklasser, kändisar, och deltagare på Klimatriksdagen.
-each and every government level will open their meetings with a Sing for the Climate

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Motiv och bakgrund:
Singing is an excellent way to bind us together in our unbelieveable quest. The quest to return the climate to a reasonable level, eg. 350ppm.
It helps remove climate anxiety while giving us something in common. Our quest is so large that we need to use every type of inclusion tool to bring as many people on board as possible.
380,000 people in Belgium were part of this and we in Sweden can do better than that!!
Let's beat Belgium!