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Motion nr:210
Rubrik: Weekly local Klimatriksdagen meetings until we reach 350ppm
Ämnesområde: Övergripande
Inskickad: 2018-03-01
Motionär:Janine OKeeffe (moc.l1521642522iamg@1521642522ekoen1521642522inaj1521642522)*
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Föreslagna åtgärder:
-make it common knowledge that the science is settled, it is the politics which is preventing change.
-examine and discuss what is preventing change within politics?
-enable politics for the grassroots.
-create a weekly, within walking distance, and time off for 99% of the community, to use democratic community to solve Climate Destruction.

Elinor Ostrom work in community and creating thorough democracy is a great source for insight and examples.


Richard Haller's work about 'Psychological person'. His discussion about social preferences, limited rationality and lack of self control are all useful.

Motiv och bakgrund:
We have now spent 30 years trying to use 'individual ration consumer man' as a mechanism to run society. This fails on many levels, the information available to each individual is different and if you have a lot of power e.g. economic wealth you can ride out the bumps in the economic system, as well as use your wealth to 'encourage' laws which aid your own buisness.

We need to examine and create systems to match alternative models, pershaps 'community citizen voter'. This system would require a regular discussion forum so that people learn and share options within their local and greater communities. In particular solutions for reduced CO2 emissions, e.g. new ways to enable a sharing economy, and capture Carbon, eg. in the local soil.
Also, examination of options to reduce consumption of products, food and devices from countries far away, and there are many more, just read the KR14 book.

We need to discuss and understand if economic equality and power equality helps and why. These communities will enable us to know this, and Elinors work is very helpful.
We need to feel pride in discussing and solving politics, a natural responsibility for all healthy citizens, an issue which is well taken up in this excellent video.


In September, 2017, I asked the local boat club to reduce the annula green waste burning. Within 6 weeks a 4 sqm compost was built and all large green waste was transported to the Biokolanlägning. This cost more, but the community wanted to prioritise the climate! The community took on the extra work and costs with pride, #FortheClimate . Such a beautiful group of people!
Just look at the mainly unpaid hours so many are dedicating to KR18 if you need another example.

Åter Påverka politiken-sidan