Motion nr:218
Rubrik: Education of equality to include Climate Destruction as a Common Good
Ämnesområde: Utbildning
Inskickad: 2018-03-01
Motionär:Janine OKeeffe (*
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Föreslagna åtgärder:
-change the education model from a 3 level system to a 4 level system, i.e. add Climate Destruction as specific form of Common Good.

Our basic schooling, with Jämstäldhet, Jämlikhet and Democracy are 3 key levels. We need to expand it to a 4th, Common Good. The first and most immediate form of Common Good is the Climate Destruction.
Jämstäldhet is the first step in equality for a young person. It is applicable to two people.
Jämlikhet is the second step in equality for a young person and would be applied in year 1 to 3.
Democracy is the third step in equality and is about examining an entire school or state and how to divide power in a reasonable way.

Motiv och bakgrund:
The level of the common good, which is in our first application is Climate Destruction. It requires some level of scientific knowledge and the 'rules' or feedback systems of nature. Therefore it would be taught from year 6 to 9. In this case, we are still talking about equality between an individual and a group and a group in another country (Globalrättvisa) or a group in the future, their own descendents.
Our current Climate Destruction shows we are lacking this step in our education system. And when read or analysed from a Miljöetik perspective with basic values as the core it is applicable to all subsets on the political spectrum.
Why is this needed? Why teach Climate destruction from the perspective of equality? Because firstly we are failing and we need new tools and more importantly using basic human values in this way, enables the person to be reached without understanding political preferences. Therefore a student taught this way should be able to use logic in a better way.