Motion nr:235
Rubrik: Power and Transparency need to be proportional #ExxonKnew
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Inskickad: 2018-03-01
Motionär:Janine OKeeffe (janineoke@gmail.com)*
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Föreslagna åtgärder:
-laws which reduce our ability to react to Climate Destruction need to be temporarily revoked.
-power inequality within our society needs to be researched and discussed because #ExxonKnew
-if #ExxonKnew then our justice system is failing us
-time for the politicians to use transparency to help the people lead our democracy.

What is the reason we can not do a Climate Ellemtel?
We are doing a cooperation with the H2 and the steel industry. Why can't we do this with wind and build enough to minimize Poland's coal extraction? Is it that we donot have a large industry in wind to be able to 'slip' the money to. Large countries break these rules, the WTO seems to take only small countries to task. Give us transparency and let the people require a reconning.
Examine D Graeber Debt: The First 5,000 Years.

Motiv och bakgrund:
Climate Destruction is now offering severe consequences to us today. Firstly, in poorer countries, with new hurricane and fire scales. Ontop of the empty dams and ground water which are more scorched with each lengthening season. The science has spoken for 25 years and we have done 'not much' or amazingly little relative to enough.
Together as a society we need to look in the mirror and examine why we have failed for a quarter decade. Honestly, should be a useful guide to how we shall not fail in this 4 year election mandate.
I believe it is about unequal power both at the individual level and at the state level. At the individual level economic inequalty, inherited inequality and media inequality, etc. , as Piketty puts it, makes marriage more important than a career. No longer is it what you know, but who you know, which decides your future. All methods to disable power inequality, eg. progressive taxes and transparency, need to be researched, tested and used.
At the state level, Democracy has not been up to the task because many law options are or are seen to be outside of our politicians scope. We vote and believe and are told that we have given our politicians a mandate. Whereas, the powers of soveriegn money are not seen to be within the politicians domain. On top of these, other powers are already handshaken with the EU, the FN or trade agreements and WTO courts guard this power or even sold to the highest bider.
When our children can't drink or eat money, these agreements will finally be irrelevant. We need to require the politicians untangle these greedy net of power claws and find new allies. Or create the transparency so it is easy for the people to demand this change. We need to question if an ally is a Climate Destruction denier or if they happen to hold the biggest guns they may not be real allies.