Motion nr:239
Rubrik: CO2 emissions reduction without borders.
Ämnesområde: Övergripande 1
Inskickad: 2018-03-01
Motionär:Janine OKeeffe (janineoke@gmail.com)*
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Föreslagna åtgärder:
-build economic paths for Swedish companies to impact other countries CO2 emissions and Carbon storage.
-host the first EU people Climate parliament in Poland IPCC meeting, creating pathways for Swedish companies to win CO2 reduction contracts
-establish CO2 transparency measurement to assess CO2 reduction in the EU.
-establish international water based wind farms to 'keep it in the ground!'.


Motiv och bakgrund:
In the end, the CO2 produced in any country is felt by all. Therefore the more we support other countries through this transision the better.
Therefore we may as well create paths for Swedish companies to export skills and products and thrive.
As the Climate Destruction increases the more real ties,, not financial, but skill and product dependent ties we have the more likely that we can use diplomatic means to share limited resources in a reasonable way.
If Sweden is an enabler of democracy with the EU, this will also lay good ground work fo r democratic solutions. If we can also enable more transparency and realistic measurement for predictive and checking purposes, this cooperation will help us all.
As wind it one of the cheapest methods to reduce CO2 emissions, wind farms in international waters, with reasonably priced electricity it a very positive step.